What is an Ecoflo Septic System?

Ecoflo Septic Systems are Peat-Based Septic Systems that treat wastewater on-site by having the waste water trickle through the peatmoss which cleans the wastewater.   It was invented by Premier Tech Environment and is marketed by their PT Aqua Division.  They have installed over 50,000 units all over Canada and the USA with about 10,000 systems installed in Ontario.  Slagter Construction has installed nearly 400 of these units in Ontario since 1996.

Underground View of an Ecoflo

Ecoflo Bio-Filter

A Few Simple Steps

Wastewater exits the house and enters the septic tank.  There the water slows down and the sludge and scum separate.  The effluent exits the septic tank and then goes into the Ecoflo where it trickles through the peat by gravity.  As the waste trickles through the peat it is treated naturally by the existing bacteria and is also filtered by the peatmoss.  After it exits the peat, it enters a stone bedding and is absorbed into the ground.  Unlike other systems, no pumps, grinders, nozzles, electricity or chemicals are needed.

Here is photo of a Fiberglass and a Concrete Ecoflo


The Ecoflo peat is either housed in a fiberglass shell, a plastic tank or a concrete tank.  These systems can be installed in various arrangements either underground or on top of the ground as a mound.  If you live on hard rock and you cannot excavate, you can install the Ecoflo above ground instead of blasting or breaking rock.

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