How do you chose which Septic System is best for you?

Whether you live in Burlington, Hamilton, Mississauga, Oakville, Waterdown or any other city, some things you have a choice in regarding your septic system, while others you do not.  The Ontario Building Code has detailed rules regarding septic sizing and spacing and clearance distances for Residential and Commercial septic installations.  These regulations will dictate what you can and cannot do.  However,

The first thing most people consider is price.

toilet not septic system

The least expensive septic system installed by Slagter is a conventional septic system.  If you can install a conventional system, you would probably go ahead with that.  It has the lowest initial costs, the lowest maintenance cost and no mandatory inspections.

Second is Spacing

Septic System Space

In order to have a cheap system, you need lots of flat space, since a septic system cannot be built on a grade steeper than 4:1.  Also, a septic system needs a lot of spacing to keep away from wells, ponds buildings etc.  The clearance distance charts in the Ontario Building Code part, B,&C will dictate how much room you have to work with.

Third is Esthetics

esthetics for septic systems

Do you care what your yard looks like?  If you do, then you would probably avoid a raised filter bed or a mounded tertiary system.  Slagter Construction can install any system you prefer, but you have to look at it after we leave.  You may not want to have to remove your deck or pool or garage to fit in a septic system.   An Ecoflo Tertiary in-ground system may be your choice.

Fourth is Function

Septic system Function

Because septic waste treated by an Ecoflo is quite clean—as far as septic waste goes—water that has passed through an Ecoflo is far more environmentally friendly.   Waste treated by an Ecoflo septic system will not cause algae growth in nearby waterways.

Drip Irrigation for septic system

If you were considering re-use of septic waste for other uses such as drip-irrigation for plants, then Ecoflo is not a bad choice.  However, to get permission in Ontario for waste water re-use is difficult, but not impossible.  If you are considering rainwater harvesting and waste water re-use, you must have the cleanest possible water to work with.