Why Hire Slagter?


In Dutch-European tradition, our president, John Slagter, was trained as both a Master Bricklayer and Carpenter in the prestigious Technische School te (of) Veendam in Gronigen Holland NL.  With European emphasis on excellence and expertise, John was a Master Builder of Luxury Custom Homes in the 1960s and 1970s.

During the ‘70s, John purchased his first excavation equipment and supplemented his building by growing his excavation business.  He hired his brother Albert in the early 1970s, who is still with him today.

In the 1980s, John transitioned to full-time excavating and his sons Peter, Rodney and Brian as well as his son-in-law Douglas Rankin.


Slagter Construction is an Award-winning Ecoflo Installer.

Slagter is the # 1 installer of Ecoflo Peat Based Septic Systems in South Western Ontario.  We have been installing Ecoflo Septic Systems since 1996 and have installed over 400 septic systems all over Ontario.

We have learned the secrets of installing Ecoflo Septic Systems properly and are frequently called to help other installers and engineers when they run stuck.

We know that cutting corners on such things as not using engineered sand can cause expensive call-backs, and since 1998, we only use the highest quality engineered sand available locally.

No cheap pit-run sand for us!

We have been recognized as an industry leader and professionals by Ecoflo Ontario and Premier Tech.

Here are a few of our awards:

ecoflo-award1ecoflo-award2 ecoflo-award3

ecoflo-award4 ecoflo-award5


All senior Slagter staff hold proper Provincial BCIN Septic Installation Licenses, as well as we maintain professional development skills by receiving on-going education with OOWA — Ontario Onsite Wastewater Association.  http://www.oowa.org

We maintain our membership with OOWA, as well as, subscriptions to industry periodicals critical to the septic industry — Pumper magazine and On-Site Installer magazine (http://pumper.com/ and http://www.onsiteinstaller.com/) are two examples.

Periodicals and continuing education keeps us up to date with the learning curve, so we can bring our clients the latest developments and professional breakthroughs in the septic industry.


We have a strong compliment of machinery that fits in your budget—and your back yard!  We have equipment such as loaders, excavators dump trucks and dozens of attachments for our skid-steer bobcat loaders to meet the requirements of your job!


In addition to doing our own septic design, we also work with local Engineering firms for soil testing and septic design and construction.

We have a strong support team of suppliers, manufacturers, engineers, regulators and other professionals that we have cultivated in over 40 years in business. Our expertise runs deep and wide through our network of local professional septic and wastewater related experts!

For a FREE quote on Designing Installing or Repairing your septic system, please contact us by filling out the contact form on this page or email us at: Support@SepticSystemsOntario.com