Septic Installations

Soil conditions and property layout are key factors when choosing the right septic system design and septic system installation. In fact, engineered designed septic systems are being required by most municipalities.

We have repaired and installed hundreds of septic systems from the most complex to the simplest configuration.

Soils Overview for Greater Hamilton Area

In general, soils in the greater Hamilton and Toronto area have been affected by glaciers.  There is a tremendous amount of hard clay, but on the western shore of lake Ontario and the northern shore of Lake Ontario and along old riverbeds we find pockets of sand and or glacial till.

In some cases, you can be a few meters away from beautiful sand if you live near an old creek bed.  Before Lake Ontario existed, there was old Lake Algonquin.  The ancient shore of old Lake Algonquin contains lots of sand and it runs along much of the current QEW and Royal Windsor drive.  That is why you can find great soil near Lake Ontario.

Generally the entire Niagara Peninsula (Ft. Erie, St Catharines, NOTL, Grimsby, Welland), has VERY HARD CLAY with T>100.    To find what kind of soil you have, a soil test by Slagter Construction or one of our Professional Associates will reveal the soil matrix on your property.

Hard clay with a percolation time that is greater than 50 (T>50) means that a conventional septic system is illegal and a tertiary system (like Ecoflo) or a raised filter bed must be installed.

If you have soils harder than T>125 it is illegal to use a Shallow Buried Trench disposal system so you must end up with an Area Bed of some sort.  This is an issue in Niagara Region where they have a very unorthodox reading of the Ontario Building Code.   It is possible to fight to get your way with the regulators in Niagara Region but it takes time and money.

Below are some of the geographical areas where we have successfully installed septics systems and the soil conditions involved:

Regional Soil Overview of Slagter Construction Septic System Installations

Ancaster—Mostly hard clay with T>50 but with many pockets of good sand.  Also, rock can be close to the surface.

Burlington—Sand is prevalent when you are south of the QEW (Between Lake Ontario and the QEW) and then hard clay all the way up to Milton.

Binbrook—Mostly hard clay.  If there is sandy soil we haven’t found it.

Brampton—Mostly hard clay with sand along parts of the Credit River and other existing waterways.

Carlisle—Some areas of beautiful sand and many areas of sandy clay.   Some glacial till as well (stony soils.)

Copetown—Mostly sandy clay—probably some of the best average soil in the greater Hamilton area. Some with so much silt that T>50.

Dundas—Sandy soil near Cootes Paradise, clay and rocky clay in the old downtown area, clay and hard rock along the escarpment.

Grimsby—Generally clay below the Escarpment and above the escarpment.  Rock when you are near the Escarpment edge.

Greensville—Lots of hard clay and rock near the escarpment.

Georgetown/Acton/Halton Hills—Predominantly good soil with many sand pockets but with pockets of silty clay and silty loam.

Hamilton—Mostly hard clay soils with T>50.   Also, many places with rock close to the surface.  Beautiful sand along Beach Blvd and along the North End of the city near the water.

Milton—Mostly hard clay and picky building inspectors.

Mississauga—Mostly sandy soil between the QEW and Lake Ontario but then heavy clay soil north of the QEW all the way to Brampton.

Oakville—Similar soils to Burlington with mostly sand between the QEW and the Lake and then hard clay north of the QEW /Royal Windsor Drive up to Milton.

Stoney Creek—Hard Clay.  If there is any sand in Stony Creek, we have not found it!

Vaughn—Many good pockets of sand, but also clay and stony clay soils.

Waterdown—Usually Clay, some parts with rock close to the surface.  Small pockets of beautiful sand.  Good soils are found between the 5th concession all the way to Carlisle.

If you have hard clay or even solid rock we have GOOD NEWS— Slagter Construction can install a tertiary Ecoflo Septic system for you!

If you require a septic system installation for your home or business or need a contractor’s quote for your current septic project; contact the qualified personnel at Slagter Construction.

We can install or repair any type of septic system; from large commercial or institutional beds to small conventional tile beds.

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