Design Your Own Septic System

In order to design a septic system, we will require the following information.

1. How many bedrooms will your home have?  Please include any bedrooms planned for the basement.

2. How many 2 piece bathrooms will your home have?

3. How many 3 piece (or more) bathrooms will your home have?

4. How many square feet will your new home have?  Do not include square footage of the basement or garage.  However, if more than 50% of your basement is exposed by a walk out or by raised ranch construction, then you should include the square footage of the basement.

5. Please count the following:

– Kitchen Sink(s)

– Extra Showers and Tubs

– Laundry Tub(s)

– Dish Washer(s)

– Washing Machine(s)

– Any Extra Sinks

– Bidet(s)

6. How hard is your soil?  This is expressed as “T – Time.”  T is measured by counting, in minutes, how long it takes for the receiving soil where your bed will be built to absorb one centimeter of water in minutes.

For example: T = 10 means the soil will receive 1 centimeter of water in 10 minutes.  This is excellent soil.  If T is greater than 50 (T>50)  then you have slow or hard soil.  This number can be either estimated or in many cases determined by a soil engineering company.

Once you provide this VITAL INFORMATION, Slagter Construction can provide a quick estimate and an OBC Compliant design for your building permit.

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